Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer time, Summer time

The summer time is a really busy place around here. Our two nieces stay here for the better part of the summer so now we have 5 kids here at all times instead of just our 3. They are such a blessing to us. We praise God all the time that we can be such a big part of their lives. Lately we have had a few illnesses. We went to the Ear, Nose, and Throat Dr. last week for Emma and he told us that her adenoids and her tonsils are enlarged and the put her on a nose spray for 6 weeks to see if the go down and if not then the will have to be removed. They also asked if she has had a hearing test because of her speech and I told him I was unsure of this. So he ordered a hearing test for her to see if her speech is because of her hearing and if so we will go from there and if not then atleast we will know that is not the problem. So when we came home I looked it all up and it said that usually you can look in there mouth and see the restricted airway but the next day I decided to try and see anyways and sure enough she opens up her mouth and it is so swollen in the back of her throat it was sorta scary. It really did explain alot. So now in the month of August we have to make trips to Rochester once a week for the last 3 weeks in August. We have also been dealing with Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease. First Emma got it but I didn't know what it was because all she had was a sore in her mouth and I thought that maybe she just cut it on something and it was bothering her. Well the a few days later and Izzy got it but of course she got it alot worse. She had the fever and the rash with the blisters on her hands feet and diaper area. I felt so bad for her. She even had it on our big day at church for the 4th of July. Then our niece Alura got it but not bad at all. Then just when we thought things were getting better the baby started getting pretty sick. She was coughing and sounding really junky when she was breathing I was having to give her breathing treatments. When her home nurse came her and I agreed we thought she needed to be seen by her Dr. So we did and come to find out she had Aspiration Pneumonia. We are always worried about that with her medical condition and we hate to hear when she has it. So it has been just one thing after another. But even though God has been so good to us because we have not had to be admitted in the hospital and it could be so much worse. Our niece Ashlee also came down with something, she has a terrible cough and this morning I woke up not feeling the best. So needless to say I went through the house today and totally disinfected the entire house.

Besides all the illnesses there has been some 0ther things going on. The baby actually wore her backpack today while she was crawling around. That would make things so much better if she will wear it all the time because then we won't have to worry about her tube so much. She is also getting 4 new teeth in. We are also getting ready to go to Knobels Amusement park coming up. I am so excited about going this year because my hubby is going for the first time. I just love to spend time with my family. Even when it is a little crazy or complete Chaos I still love it. It should be exciting.

Tomorrow my little man goes back to the dentist to get the rest of the work done on his teeth. He did such a great job while getting his 2 front teeth pulled I am praying he does just as good this time but I am afraid that now he knows what to expect that it might not be as easy. We will see.

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