Friday, May 21, 2010

She's all ours!!!!!

Today was a great day. We got our Adoption certificate in the mail today so from today on she is officially Isabella what a wonderful feeling. Then when her Physical Therapist was here today she was on her belly and she was pushing herself backwards which she did often. But this time she got her legs under her and got up onto her knees and sat up for the very first time. I was so excited. She is really making alot of progress. She is so awesome. Then Rochester called and we have been waiting for an appt. for her to have another swallow study done. They set her appt. up for June 8th. I was so surprised that they had gotten her in so quickly. So it is beginning to look like June was going to be pretty busy as well. We have to go to Rochester for Izzy on the 2nd then to Binghamton for the older 2 on the 4th then back to Rochester on the 8th for Izzy. We also found out today that my hubby got the promotion that he had put in for which I am so excited about because that will give us alot more time with daddy. Our children truly love to spend time with their daddy. Our children are such blessings to us. They are so sweet. Aries is so loving and today he was super cute because I gave him a piece of gum and he sat there for a bit chewing his gum then he said mommy thank you for the gum I said your welcome buddy. Then a couple mins later he said mommy thank you for buying the gum so you can give me some. I giggled and said your welcome buddy. He has such a sweet spirit and we just love him so much. Also this morning when we were waiting for Olivia's bus to pick her up for school Jimmy got home. She was so excited that her daddy was home before she left for school. Well then she wanted him to take her to school but he couldn't because her bus would be there in less than 5 mins. So he told her he couldn't but he would walk her out to her bus and put her on it and when her bus got there and he took her out she went hand in hand with him just a skipping. It was such a sweet way to start our day.

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