Friday, May 28, 2010

We are making progress

Well we have been working with the baby with her rolling over and helping her getting up onto her knees then to sitting. Well she wasn't having too hard of a time rolling from her belly to her back but it was from her back to her belly that was giving her problems. She doesn't seem to have the hip control. So what we have been doing is for the most part whenever I put her down to play on the floor I lay her on her back. I was having to help her roll over. Not alot of help but some. Well after a couple days of that she now has that. But then she gets backing up on her belly but she can't seem to get her legs under her to get up on her knees. So I just put my hand behind her foot and I give her something to push on and most of that time that is enough to help her to get her up onto her knees. Then from there she is becoming a pro to getting into the sitting position. She also is skooching too. So she is getting around the living room a little. Well today I was sitting on the couch folding laundry and she had made her way over to me. She was transitioning like she was going to go into the crawling position and the next thing I knew she had pulled herself up onto her knees to me. I was so excited. Then she saw my cup on the coffee table and she pulled herself up to the table on her knees too. I love to see these new things....

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