Thursday, June 3, 2010

We have Crawling

Look out world here she comes!!!!! Two days ago our baby made her first few steps to crawling and it was so precious. She is getting the idea but she still is having problems getting into the crawling position but she is getting it. She is also trying to pull herself up on things as well. We are getting so much progress. It is so exciting. So now instead of sitting in the living room and screaming or crying for me she will be able to follow me around screaming and crying lol. Just Kidding. This is going to be so nice because she is so ready to go.

We also went to the Orthopedics specialist about her trigger thumb. He said that we don't need to be in a hurry for surgery. Because there are studies that came out in the last year that by waiting it does not do any harm and some have actually corrected themselves. As long as it is not hurting or hindering her then there is no reason for us not to wait. So the Dr. left the decision up to us and we decided to wait and not have the surgery for awhile unless it starts bothering her.

Our next appt. is on the 8th and that is for a swallow study to see how much she is still aspirating and that will decide on how much we can push her to eat. I am very excited about this appt. because I am really praying that she is not aspirating as much and we can work on getting her off this machine. She is really starting to like new foods so everytime we eat she wants some. We also bought her some new finger foods for babies. They are like baby cheese puffs and she loves them. So we will see.

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